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A Preferred Choice for Carpet Cleaning in Willesden.

There’s lots to consider when you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Willesden. You’ll want a reputable company – one that charges fair prices and assures you of a good result. It’s also helpful when the service is easy to book and delivered at a time that suits you. Choose Leif's Carpet Cleaners’s carpet cleaners and you’ll get all this and much more besides…

Qualified Willesden Carpet Cleaners at Your Service

  • All technicians are trained and experienced to administer both steam and dry carpet cleaning systems
  • Eco-friendly detergents and professional cleaning tools are included in the price
  • Free, no-obligation quotes are available 24/7
  • Appointments are available from early morning, through to the evening, seven days a week
  • Discounts apply when you combine carpet treatments with upholstery, sofa, or mattress cleaning

Selecting and Delivering Your Service

Your cleaners will start by taking a good look at your rug, they’ll check to see what it’s made of, and take a note of any specific challenges the piece poses. The cleaning method selected will be based on the composition of the carpet.

Steam cleaning – Is suitable for shrink-proof and colourfast carpets.

Dry cleaning – Is the choice for delicate materials.

The first step is always to vacuum the piece, then stains or heavy traffic areas are pre-treated using a detergent or solvent known to be effective against the specific issue. All cleaning products are from the Prochem range, which features specialist cleansers effective against coffee or wine stains, protein stains, grease, and a range of other difficult to remove substances.

The main clean follows. In the case of dry cleaning a powder is worked into the pile, allowed time to absorb dirt, then vacuumed out. When your carpet is being steam cleaned, water and detergents are injected into the piece then extracted by suction. Your technician uses an industrial grade machine which removes around 95% of the moisture, so you should expect a bright final finish, and a drying time of around just three three hours.

Additional options including air blowers to speed up drying, deodorising, and Scotchgard stain protection are available on request.

Know Your Cleaners

All Leif's Carpet Cleaners carpet cleaning is completed by reference-vetted individuals who arrive in uniform and carry ID. Every cleaner is trained and certified for their skills in selecting and delivering high quality carpet cleansing. Work is covered by both public and employer’s liability insurances.

Book Carpet Cleaning for Your Willesden Home or Business

This service is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Whichever you need, the way to get in touch stays the same. Just call us, 24/7 on 020 7846 0471 to connect with a helpful and well informed customer service adviser who’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have and set up your service.