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Book Sanitising and Mattress Cleaning in Willesden

Considering how much time is spent in them, most beds aren’t cleaned as often as they should be. Maybe the reason for this is the belief that cleaning a mattress is a difficult, time consuming, or expensive task. In truth, it doesn’t have to be any of these things. Call Leif's Carpet Cleaners to get your mattress cleaning in Willesden done the easy way.

Quick and Convenient Mattress Cleaning in Willesden

  • Mattress sanitising can be completed in 15 minutes
  • The bed is ready for use the moment your cleaners are done
  • Steam cleaning treatments are also available
  • Work is completed by trained, experienced, and insured technicians
  • Discounts apply when multiple services are booked for one session
  • Get a free quote anytime using our 24/7 support line

Choose UV Sanitising Treatments or Deep Cleansing

The quickest way to destroy pathogens in mattresses is with UV sanitising. Book this, and your Leif's Carpet Cleaners mattress cleaners will use equipment which loosens and removes debris by vibrating the bed as it is vacuumed. At the same time, a powerful ultra violet sterilising light destroys viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and dust mites. Treatment takes just a quarter of an hour, it’s 100% safe, and there’s no drying time. This is a popular choice in homes where some of the occupants have allergies which can be aggravated by dust or mites, and in commercial establishments where beds have serial occupants, hotels, hostels, or hospitals for example.

The alternative to UV mattress treatment is steam cleaning. This can only be used on certain types of mattresses. This method does offer the additional benefit of stain lifting, but there will be a period where the bed cannot be used. Generally speaking, 24 hours should be allowed for a steam cleaned mattress to fully dry.

Whichever sort of Willesden mattress cleaning you’re interested in, the way to find out more and get a free quote remains the same. Fill in our contact form or pick up your phone and give us a call right now on 020 7846 0471.