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Rug Cleaning in Willesden to Rely On

When you need to be sure your rug cleaning in Willesden is done right, give Leif's Carpet Cleaners a call. Your work will be completed by qualified technicians who use top quality equipment and professional grade detergents. Treatments are gentle on fibres, tough on stains, and tailored to the needs of your piece.

Rug Cleaners in Willesden for All Types of Carpets

  • Both dry and steam cleaning techniques are available, so all natural or artificial fibres can be cleaned
  • Your cleaners will assess your piece to determine the appropriate cleaning method
  • Technicians use detergents from the Prochem professional range, eco-friendly products not available in the high street
  • Book an early morning, daytime, or evening appointment
  • Make savings on our base prices by combining rug cleaning with upholstery or mattress cleaning

How Your Service is Delivered

Your Willesden rug cleaning service starts with assessment of your piece to determine the correct cleaning technique.

Rugs susceptible to shrinkage, fading, or colour-run are dry cleaned.

More robust pieces are suitable for steam cleaning. This is the treatment of choice when you’re looking for deep cleansing to destroy carpet bugs or other parasites, or when the rug is very dirty or stained:

  1. The piece is vacuumed to open up the fibres and lift debris to the surface
  2. Stains are pre-treated with a detergent known to be effective against the cause of the stain
  3. The main clean follows, using dry, dirt-absorbing powders which are worked into the carpet then vacuumed out, or shampoo which is injected deeply into the pile
  4. Most of the water is extracted after steam cleaning, so the piece dries more quickly and you get a brighter finish
  5. Your technician will offer advice on after-care and maintenance of your rug

To find out more about rug cleaning from Leif's Carpet Cleaners, get a free quote, or reserve an appointment – just give us a call on our 24/7 line 020 7846 0471.